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    Sorry, the program is constantly crushing on me. Well, we've been going to Egypt for our winter vacation for a few years now. Our kids absolutely love it, and so do we. However, as we are considering our winter vacation now, we get all sorts of confusing info. The travel agencies, of course, say 'go'. The people just recently from Egypt say that the locals seem to be rather unfriendly and even aggressive toward foreigners at times (even at places like Hurghada or Sharm), and that the situation is quite unpredictable and we might risk facing the disturbances or even evacuation, like the people who were there last January and February. Can anyone - preferably someone residing in Sharm - clarify whether it is safe enough to go and the talks of possible danger are nothing but a gross exaggeration, or whether it is better to be safe than sorry this time?

    And in general, how do you view the prospects of tourism industry now? We are hearing that the parties that won the recent elections are likely to press for new dress code requirements for foreigners and other changes of the same kind. What's your take on that?

    Besides, we are a Christian family and we enjoyed the atmosphere of tolerance between Christians and Muslims in Egypt - or was it just an illusion? After all, we have never ventured outside of the touristy places like Hurghada or Sharm. Are we at any risk traveling to Egypt now, if we are openly Christian, that is, we're wearing our Orthodox crosses, and people can tell that we are Christian?

    I understand that the latter topic is rather sensitive, but I'd rather ask the locals than ask fellow Russians who, after some 10 days at the Red Sea, feel they know everything there is to know about the current state of affairs in Egypt.

    Thank you all in advance! almost 7 years ago

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