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I'm Canadian born with a Muslim/Moroccan background but I lived my whole life in Canada and only 7 years in total in Morocco when I was a child. The man I will marry lives in the UK but he talked about wishing to return back to Algeria to build our family there once we marry. Having lived with a western mentality and enjoyed women's right here, I'm truly lost. I have never been to Algeria but it was my dream to go back to Morocco one day and Algeria is not so different. I know that I will have to leave everything behind and that includes the women's freedom and rights we have in Canada but at the same time I will get to finally settle in a Muslim country and my children can grow up in the culture etc. So I was wondering if anyone thinks that this is a good idea for a woman, or should I try instead and get him to come to Canada instead and build our lives here? I know that in general, no place is safe anymore. So I have to choose between western mentality and human rights vs travelling to the unknown for the sake of returning to our origins, which means my children if they're born in Algeria I could take them any time to visit family in Morocco. I hope my issue made sense and I hope someone can answer. Thank you in advance.

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