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    Yes it's relatively safe in comparison with the southern region. I would expect to not stay at the op end of hoteliers but rather a medium hotel which avoids the possibility of a bombing. I'm sorry it's taken so long I've not checked this app. Have you been if so I'd like to hear where you went and how it was as I'm doing tour. Start in Kabul through the centre Bamiyan and the Lakes of Silence to my favourite Herat then up to Mazar-e-Sharif then via Salang pass back to KBL. I've travelled to lots of hostile zones but Afghanistan is one that I've loved for many years including the time when the Taleban were in power. Pashtunwali was granted on my 2 previous visits and the 3rd was on NWFP east of Peshawar in Gadoon Amazi.
    Hope this finds you in good health. almost 3 years ago

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