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    Am already in the US on holiday - can I still get insurance or is too late?

    Hi Damien, it's Yael from WorldNomads.com here! Don't worry, it's not too late to take out an insurance policy to cover your travels! So long as you are British citizen you can purchase a WorldNomads UK resident policy directly through our website. Keep in mind there will be a 3 day waiting period for the full insurance cover to take effect because you are already outside of the UK. You should have a read of the policy wording so that you know what you are and what you aren't covered for: http://www.worldnomads.com/travel-insurance/prices-and-benefits.aspx. Or if you have any more questions you are welcome to contact our cheerful customer service team who can help you further: http://www.worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx Happy travels in the USA! over 9 years ago

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    where is the best place to get a good rate on buying USD in Sydney?

    Thanks for the tips everyone! A word of advice though, I did end up going to one of the "big four" and realised too late that it was actually a Travelex counter inside the bank; the bank itself wasn't arranging the exchanges there. So still got ripped off with the rate. Oh well, the rate is still a great deal better than it was a few years back so I can't complain too much! about 10 years ago

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    can I get diving equipment insured whilst travelling

    Hi Kathy, it's Yael from WorldNomads.com here! In order to be able to properly answer your WorldNomads travel insurance question it would be best for you to send an enquiry through to our Customer Service Team at: http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx The reason for this is because depending on your country of permanent residence there are slightly different rules and amounts of coverage for additional sporting and camera equipment. It may not be possible for you to insure the full value 14K of your camera equipment (as many of the luggage limits are lower than this), so you might like to check out to see if there are some other policies which can just cover your additional equipment. Happy travels!! about 10 years ago

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    Is there any good inexpensive insurance for high altitude mountaineering for a US citizen?

    Hi there, Yael from WorldNomads.com here! Hiking / climbing is covered by our policy for US permanent residents, but only when: - you are climbing at 15,000 feet or less; and - it has been arranged by a recognized company (that is a company that is licensed and employs experienced staff). Please read the policy wording for the full terms and conditions of the coverage offered, including any applicable exclusions, conditions and limitations to cover. Unfortunately this is the extent of high altitude cover for World Nomads; if you need cover for a higher altitude limit you may need to check with other insurance companies to see if they have suitable products available. For other WorldNomads insurance related questions please feel free to direct your enquiry directly to our Customer Service team: http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx Happy travels! about 10 years ago

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    Does "mountaineering" coverage cover me trekking in Nepal at 18000 feet?

    Hi Kathryn, Yael from WorldNomads.com here! It's a bit tricky to answer your question without more details (such as your country of permanent residence). This is because we have different underwriters for certain countries, which means that there are different policy wordings and definitions. If you wanted to direct this enquiry (as well as any other insurance related questions) to our Customer Service team they will be happy to help you! You can find the enquiry form here: http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx about 10 years ago

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    Where does South America fit in here?? including USA, Canada, The Caribbean, South East & Eastern Asia or not?

    Hi there, Yael from WorldNomads.com here. South America fits into the region "excluding the USA, Canada, The Caribbean, South East and Eastern Asia" unless you are travelling to the following destinations which are considered to be the Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Anguilla, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Montserrat, Navassa Island, Netherland Antilles, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands. For further travel insurance questions please direct your enquiries to our Customer Service team who are happy to help: http://worldnomads.com/contactus.aspx Enjoy your travels! about 10 years ago

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    Do you accept payment by BPay for renewal of my travel policy

    Hi Brenda, Yael from WorldNomads.com here! If you hold a WorldNomads policy unfortunately the answer is no; for purchase and extensions we can only accept payments via credit card. Depending on your country of residence, we accept the following cards: * Australian/NZ residents: Visa, Mastercard * US/Canadian residents : Visa, Mastercard, Amex * UK/Irish residents: Visa, Mastercard * Rest of the world residents: Visa, Mastercard about 10 years ago

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    Best way to travel from Stuttgart to Tubingen?

    www.bahn.de is the site for the trains in Germany. Don't really know much about buses in Germany, but the trains are great: reliable and comfortable. Generally, the faster the train and the less stops, the more expensive it will be. I booked trains a day or so in advance when I was there just at the ticket window of a train station (a different station to the one I was actually going to leave from). A very painless experience considering the issues I used to go through when buying bus tickets with EuroLines. almost 11 years ago