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July 2013

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    What is the best bath in Budapest for a girl's day out?

    Széchenyi, definitely! Try every pool of it and the saunas - there is 2 at least, one with an ice machine! There is also Király and Rudas. Beautiful buildings and so underrated - people are mostly mention Széchenyi and Gellért. Here is an article about the best ones: over 7 years ago

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    I plan to travel to Budapest in August, any nice sites to visit . What are some of the must- haves in terms of food. Shopping?

    Well there are nice suggestions but I think New York Cafe is a bit commercial plus super expensive and the other tourist attractions - however true that you must have see them. If that's what you're looking for I'm sorry. If you're looking for the local treasures, check for sure any of the BATHS. I mean Budapest is like the capitol of the thermal baths and spas. The city is actually built on underground thermal waters. here is a collection of the best and historical ones. About food, there is a label name of hungarian specialities: Hungaricum Food Hungaricums are: goose liver, goulash, fishsoup, sausages (Gyulai, Csabai), filled cabbage. Desserts: Dobos torta (cake), Rákóczi-túrós (cottage cheese pie), Somlói Galuska (cup dessert), Túró Rudi (cottage cheese dipped in chocholate snack bar). Drinks: pálinka, wines. Restaurants: there are articles and reviews about the restaurants, you also can filter by type, style and price. over 7 years ago

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    What are some of the vegetarian friendly dishes I can try in Budapest?

    You can try "Lecsó", it's made from pepper, tomato and onion. Sometimes they made it with eggs or bacon, but you ask it without. Also if you eat fish, try the Fishsoup! The others are just snacks and desserts. here is a collection of the main veggie restaurants of Budapest: over 7 years ago