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August 2010

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    Which North American city is the best place for summer?

    Definitely Montréal. Summer doesn't last very long there so they make the most of the warm weather with loads of festivals. over 10 years ago

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    What is the best method to travel around the East Coast of the US?

    The area between Portland, Maine and Richmond, Virginia is relatively built-up and actually has good public transport and it is probably the only spot in the USA that you can conveniently travel without a car. In fact in this area the suburbs of one city blend into the next and you can travel New York City-Philadelphia and Baltimore-Washington DC on suburban transit. A cheaper option for getting between the main cities in this region is Chinatown buses (cheap coach services that usually depart from the Chinatown in the bigger cities). However, once you get south of Washington, DC or Richmond, VA, then a car is your best option. A car is the most flexible transport option (and with four to six people travelling together, probably the cheapest option), and once you get south of Washington DC parking and traffic will be less of a hassle. If I were doing it, I would travel by train (suburban train services not the expensive Amtrak trains) or Chinatown bus as far south as Washington DC or Richmond, VA and then rent a car to continue down to Florida. over 10 years ago