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October 2009

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    How bad is the racism against Chinese in Melbourne? And what is the main reason for that?

    Well, I'm an Anglo-Australian who grew up in Melbourne, so I'll have a degree of bias, but... Melbourne is one of the most culturally diverse and accepting cities in the world. People of every colour and creed have been migrating to Melbourne since its foundation, and people of all backgrounds continue to settle here very happily and successfully. As a child of the 1980s, I grew up with many people of Chinese background in school and university, along with people from other Asian, Middle-Eastern and southern European backgrounds. Racism has never been a major issue. On the contrary, Chinese people are valued for their strong work-ethic, entrepreneurialism and cuisine. Whist every society has its ignorant, bigoted minority, Melbourne would be one of the least racist cities in the world, and Chinese people are welcomed and valued. about 9 years ago

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    What's the best way to travel from Sydney to New York?

    V Australia and VirginAmerica are the two best airlines I've flown; way better than Qantas or other US carriers. And they're cheap at the moment, and you can book it on a single ticket with V Australia: or almost 11 years ago

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    Is there a discount airline/airfare from Turkey to Egypt?

    According to Skyscanner, you can fly from Istanbul to Cairo for about USD $230. The best indirect route i've been able to come up with is Istanbul-Cologne (GermanWings - and Cologne-Cairo (AirBerlin - for about USD $140, but that's very dependent on timing, and for the flying time and messing around I doubt it's worth the $100-ish saving. There are no true discount airlines flying that route, and sadly the discount airline market in that part of the world is yet to see rapid growth in competitors and routes like that seen in Europe, SE Asia and Australia. about 11 years ago