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    How long should I allow to cycle from Quito to Ushuaia?

    Depends on how much you like to see en route. How many hours you want to spend on your bike each many rest days etc. One month is not doable. As the crow flies, it is roughly 6000km, which would translate into 200km a day - just to give you an idea. Do you have 6 month? In 6 month you could do the distance and enjoy your trip. about 10 years ago

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    What shots/vaccinations are required for travel to costa rica?

    While you do not need certificates like Yellow Fever to enter (unless you are coming from certain countries, you should make sure that all your childhood vaccinations/boosters are up to date. Other considerations are Hep B and Hep A. Make sure to protect yourself from mosquito bites with bug repellent and mosquito nets (at night). Dengue fever is transmitted by a day-time biting mosquito. There are a couple of areas where malaria is a problem, so you should check with a travel health professional to clarify if you will be travelling into these regions. Always a good idea to see a travel clinic for advice tailored to your circumstances. about 10 years ago