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    Best way to see Angel Falls?

    Cheapest and easiest way to see the Falls. Previously book a 3 Day / 2 Night tour. Get the Bus to Ciudad Bolivar. Flight over the jungle in a light aircraft for about 1 hour until the Pemon Village of Kanaimö, otherwise known as Canaima. From here you will embark on a 4 hour motorized canoe ride to the base of the Angel Fals and, weather permitting, walk to the base of the falls for a swim in the pool at th efoot of the Falls. Ovenight in rustic camp opposite the falls in a hammock with mosquito netting. The next day back to Canaima by boat and from there on another canoe across the Canaima Lagoon lake until the Sapo Falls, where, in the raimny season, you can walk behind it's thundering curtain of water. Travel safe All the best, Thomas Caracas, Venezuela over 9 years ago

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    best posada in los roques?

    It depends by what you refer to as the best... The top knotch posadas, which are the most exclusive ones are Chana and Macanao. Both quite pricey but great value. All the best, Thomas Caracas about 10 years ago