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I exchanged my stressful city life in Abu Dhabi for a more relaxed and laid back life style here in Tasmania. As a newly arrived migrant, I ceased the opportunity to explore the marvels of this beautiful island-state of Tasmania. Join me as we journey through the wilderness, natural parks, pristine

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Australia Hobart, Australia


April 2012

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    If I take a team of elementary/secondary education leaders to Australia, which cities should we visit? What should we see and ask?

    Well. I am planning to study in Australia myself. But picture this, students take a few minutes to arrive in school due to less traffic and a conducive environment for learning because its a haven within a metropolitan. And the best of all everything seems to be cheaper than mainland cities. Don't look further, check on the prospects of Tasmania. Here's a video to have a glimpse of this beautiful and nature rich island, way down under. Cheers mate! over 8 years ago

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    i have been shortlisted for a job in Dubai. I am currently negotiating salaries and dont want to sell myself to cheaply. Any tips?

    Firstly, it would depend on your profession and the company that is willing to hire you. So which profession are you in right now? I've been with Emirates Airlines before and their employment package is awesome, it includes almost everything you needed. The things that you need to take into account is the accommodation package, transportation and other benefits for family members. By the healthcare is mandatory by the government so you don't have to worry about that, so as the return tickets annually, its all part of the basic labor agreement. Bear in mind though that job opportunities in Dubai now are very competitive, unless you are really on top of your game. It's not really a good idea to raise up your bar that early on the recruitment process. over 8 years ago

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    Traveling to Dubai for a family trip in june. Can we wear shorts and tank tops?

    It could already reach up to 40C in June, so make sure you wear your sunscreen every 4 hours if you're planning to go outdoors. I think tank tops and shorts are reasonable but not too skimpy if you do not want to be stared at by men of all ages, and conservative Arabic women as well. over 8 years ago