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June 2015

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    I am looking for transportation around croatia.

    From Trogir, you've got a local bus to the airport for something like 14kn. And it's probably better to stay in trogir than get from split. Renting a car is anywhere from 400kn a day (for your economy size) to 550kn for a better model. Less if you hire for longer # of days, but you won't need it on hvar and you pay about €50 for the different location drop off fee. Hiring a car is WAY more convenient i agree, in peak seaon particularly. Still, you could dine like royalty for the drop off fee you pay. As for recommendations all the major names service croatia, along with small local businesses. You will likely have a number plate "DA" as registration in DAruvar is cheapest, hence everyone registers there. over 4 years ago