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February 2009

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    How do you avoid high fees and charges on credit cards and ATM cards when traveling?

    I have generally found that paying for something like accommodation, tickets using your credit card usually works out cheaper than withdrawing cash through a foreign ATM either with a debit or credit card. When getting cash from an ATM you are usually hit with both a withdrawal fee plus a fee for conversion to that currency which seems to be a percentage of the money withdrawn. The credit card usually only charges for the conversion fee so tends to work out cheaper. Be warned though, that with cash advances on your credit card, you start paying interest straight away unless you load up your credit card before you go over 11 years ago

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    What are some good Hostels or Hotels in Bled?

    There are lots of private rooms to rent in Bled. There is a travel agent called Kompas in the main part of town which has lists of rooms available and will ring around and book for you. In mid 2007 we stayed at a place called Stojanovic Janja which was about 10-15 minutes walk from the lake in a private house with several rooms with ensuites for 20E per night each (15E if you stayed 3 nights or more) with a great breakfast included. Even the neighbours offered us cherries from their laden tree. The Vintgar Gorge is spectacular and is about 4 km NW of the town. We walked there from Bled and it was well worth it. The 1500m wooden walkway along the gorge was amazing. Only open in summer though I think. almost 12 years ago

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    What is a good, central location to stay at in Paris, in terms of ease of access to tourist destinations, decency, cheap eateries, etc?

    Yeah I agree with Niko about Hostelworld about being a good website. I have used it quite a few times without problems. You can pick up some bargains from very nice hotels listing rooms at the last minute that way too. Just be sure when you book that you make a note of when you have listed your arrival time and try to stick to it. I got in trouble with a place in Paris for arriving an hour later than I had said in the booking- they had given my room away but quickly found another in a nearby hostel. There are a few other websites worth looking at like, Just google "hostels paris" and I am sure it will come up with many options.Many of them you can specify if you want a dorm or private room and can see the various locations marked on a map so you can choose what area you want to look at ( this is on hostelworld, not sure about the others). over 11 years ago