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Maike Schmidt

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i LOVE to TRAVELL!!i'm always curious about other cities,cultures&languages.time by time i get really itchy feet meaning i have to travell again... :)

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Germany Cologne, Germany


February 2009

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    Where are the best crepes?

    oooh, good question. actually u can find good crêpes everywhere in paris. u can find 'em at those little street crêperies. but maybe check out the crêperies in the 5th arrondissement around the jardin du luxembourg or in rue mouffetard. there you'll also find a nice environment to enjoy your crêpe. ;) over 11 years ago

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    Any suggestions for a budget way to get a French language immersion experience without a work visa or enrolling in expensive language schoo

    she should defenetly do a student exchange semester. during that time live and study with french people. i did that last year but for 10 month and it has helped me a lot to improve my french. well, but i'm from germany and about the visa regulations i have no idea. but usually within the exchange program things like visa and scholarchip is included. she schould get informations about exchange programs at her university. over 11 years ago