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Andrew Hedges

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Oregonian, living in New Mexico. Spent most of the last 3 years in NZ. I've travelled pretty extensively. Favorites include Nepal, Brazil and Vietnam.

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United States Albuquerque, United States


April 2009

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    Road trip down the Oregon coast

    Hi Ian, There are heaps of lovely beach towns along the way from San Fran north. Once you hit Washington, you'll need to make a choice either to go inland to Seattle or up along the coast. The Washington coast is quite wild and sparsely populated compared to the Oregon coast. There are still towns, but the beaches are not developed. Makes for awesome camping, especially up near the tip of the Olympic Peninsula. I'd be guessing to say how long the trip would take you, but Google Maps should give you a decent estimate of the driving time involved. almost 11 years ago

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    Are there any good festivals in New Zealand worth checking out?

    Depends on what you're into. Splore is one of the biggest: about 11 years ago

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    Things to look out for

    Prepare to be overwhelmed with colors, scents, and "friendly" offers of everything from fine carpets to hashish. Marrakech is awesome. Some of the vendors can be quite aggressive, so stand your ground and *never* buy something for the first price you're quoted. Negotiation is part of the culture, so don't feel weird about it. Enjoy the process and remember, to get the best price, you need to willing to walk away from the deal. If you can, try to get up into the Atlas mountains to the east of the city. They're some of the highest mountains in Africa and are just spectacular. over 11 years ago