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I am from the sleepy yet beautiful land of Tasmania. I went on a big trip living in Sweden and Berlin then travelling all over with Niko.

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Australia Hobart, Australia


February 2009

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    What are the little known Events/Festivals in Uppsala?

    Well Valborg is the undisputed king of Uppsala festivals and should not be missed. Apart from that there aren't too many more in my experience, there is Midsommer in Uppsala like the rest of the country but you would probably want to head further north for that one. Its best to watch the student nations for interesting festival like stuff, though you need to be a student to get into them. There are forest parties in the outskirts of town from time to time where people party in the woods to trance and psytrance, but you really need to know the right people for those ones. I also heard of this trance festival that happens on a big ferry that happens over a weekend going to and from Stockholm which sounds cool. Hope some of that helps! over 10 years ago

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    Where's a good place to see a live band in Hobart?

    Republic bar is the main live music bar. Its on the main drag in North Hobart. Further up Elizabeth street in north hobart is my personal favourite pub in town called the alley cat. Its got a really nice bar there and is probably more like a "Melbourne bar" than most others here. Also between those 2 pubs is the queens head, thats good if your 50. The Brisbane plays a bit of live music but mostly punk/hardcore, you'll find that on the corner of Brisbane street and Argyle st. Down in Salamance theres Irish Murpheys which plays cover bands over the weekend but during the week showcases a lot of local bands. Theres various other pubs scattered around the town which play cover bands as well. The best venue in my oppinion is actually the unibar, but they only have live bands about once every 2 months or so, usually touring mainland bands. almost 12 years ago

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    Cheap nice hostel

    The Schlaffmeile ( is the best in town and also usually the cheapest. Its situated on the east side of town which I argue is by far the coolest part of town. Aside from that theres quite a few good hostels around that part of Fredrichshain. Sunflower is very good, Pegasus is also good. Lettem sleep in Prenzelauer Berg is a good option too. If you want to stay in Mitte (the central bit) check out Circus hostel, steer clear of Generator is you can. But Berlin isn't the sort of town that has a "center" per se, your better off staying in central east Berlin (Frederichshain, Prenzelauer Berg of Kreuzberg [although technically Kreuzberg is former West]) or if thats not your cup of tea stay in central west. If you want to stay in central West Berlin then stay at Jetpak City. over 11 years ago