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Ron Koilpillai

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I have been to the following countries. If you need any tips I culd help you.
1. Taiwan
2. Crete, Greece
3. Kaunas, Lituania

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Germany Landkreis Groß-Gerau, Germany


June 2012

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    Is it safe to go to a festival in Northern Germany this Thursday- Monday???

    Hi, the people who died so far are more than 80 years old accoding to the Internet informaiton. Some years ago nobody would have botherd to dig into the body to see what kind of problem he had. Please do not listen to voices. Just bless the food and enjoy your holidays in the wonderful Schleswig-Holstein. That´s what I do while I travel all over the world had all kind of street food and I never got sick. about 8 years ago

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    Please recommend family attractions in Rhein, Germany. Kids aged 4 & 7. parks, walks, cycles, attractions etc.

    If you could specify exactly where, which area you will be staying in Germany may be I could give you some spots in that area. All I can think of are these places: Burg Ehrenfels, Kaub, Mäuseturm, many castles along the Rhein from Bingen to Koblenz. Lorely, Deutsche Eck in Koblenz, Cable car ride in Boppart and in Rüdesheim. You could go up in the cable car and then back walking down. Hope this helps you. about 8 years ago