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May 2009

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    A week on the North Island - ideas?

    Hi there, It's Cymen here from SH1 wouldn't be one of the best scenic drives in the country! Certainly, you are best to drive quickly between Wellington and Waiouru which would be the worst drive in NZ in my opinion. There are lots of stops between Taupo and Rotorua which are worth a look while a detour away from SH1 at Rotorua and up through tauranga and Coromandel would be worthwhile. Their are lots of little gems on this drive like the Karangahake Gorge Historic Walkway - and if you have a campervan, this is a fine spot near along a lesser known driving route to Auckland For customer reviews on Campervans see here And all activities in NZ at If you go non stop then you will be able to get up to the Bay of Islands but there are places like the Coromandel that are similar and require far less of a drive. Happy travels Cymen over 10 years ago

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    Renting a campervan in NZ in July. Is this mad?

    Hi there, We are from the North Island of NZ and have our own camper with 2 children. Having experienced both summer and winter touring, I can say with certainty that summer is certainly easier. But if you are prepared, then 1 week in a campervan over winter can be a great adventure. I have 5 main pieces of advice. 1 - Plan and be aware of drive times before you head away. You have far less daylight as it's dark by around 5pm. (This for me is a bigger factor than the cold). 2 - As it's dark early, be prepared with inside activities that don't require much space. 3 - As you will be inside more, definitely get a 6 berth campervan 4 - Get a camper with a decent internal heater that doesn't require power. 5 - Lastly, you should expect a really good deal at this time of year. I'm co owner of a review website that has thousands of campervan reviews from real travellers. See all options here - All the best and go well. Cymen over 7 years ago

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    Where can I see tuatara lizards in their natural habitat in New Zealand?

    Hi desdemona, You are only likely to see a tuatara in their natural habitat on an offshore island. Most of these islands are protected. One island that has easy access is Somes island in Wellington harbour. It's a quick ferry ride from Wellington city. Ask a ranger once you arrive on the island and hopefully they will tell you about where a few of them live. When I was last there I saw what is reputedly one of the oldest known tuatara. Even if you don't see a wild tuatara, the island is a fantastic place to visit. All the best. Cymen almost 8 years ago