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Live life like it is your last and don't hesitate about things in life - achieve your dream goals and travel as much as you can. You only live ONCE!

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February 2009

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    Do I need to have the yellow fever innoculation?

    It is always best to have the yellow fever innoculation if you are travelling to and from Africa. If you are from Australia and you travel to Africa you are not allowed back in to Australia without your yellow fever certificate. It dosen't hurt to have the innoculation, once you have it you will be fine to travel wherever and not have to worry about it. While travelling in Africa when i got to some boarders i was not allowed in until i had shown my yellow fever certificate. So best thing i can suggest is to just have the injection then you wont have to worry when you are travelling. over 11 years ago

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    Good camping sites in Tasmania?

    I would highly suggest Port Arthur Caravan Park it is about 500 meters past the Fox & Hounds. I have been going there since i was about 4 years old. I go every Christmas, Easter and long weekend It has a massive recreation room with a tv, laundry facilities, park, fires permitted, power sites, cabins, shop, ten sites, showers and toilets. 5 Minute to the best beach in Tasmania Stewarts Bay. You can also walk in to Port Arthur Historic Site from the camping grounds. While you are down there you can do Shipsterns Bluff Walk which is a 5 hour return walk or Cape Roual there is the blow hole and much much more to do down there. If you wanted to go out for a meal one night i would highly suggest Taylors Restaurant which you can walk to from the camping site. It is on the other end of the beach. You can go fishing off the rock or at the jetty there as well. It is one of the most relaxing places in Tasmania i would say. Defiantly worth going there for a few nights! over 11 years ago

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    A good Italian restaurant for little money?

    There is a wonderful restaurant which is dirt cheap just across the road form the colosseum. It is very fast service and really nice food. It was so nice to just sit there and look across the road at the wonderful view of the colosseum we had. I cannot remember what the name was but i am sure there wasn't to many of them around that area. It was just as you step out form the metro station. Hope this helps you! Enjoy! over 11 years ago