Scott Pralinsky

Scott Pralinsky

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About me:

I'm the founder and Executive Director of the Tropical Adventures Foundation. My previous experience includes 13 years designing and teaching courses to the US Air Force and being a subject matter expert in the area of international crisis response. Now a Costa Rican citizen, I've been in CR 8 years

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Costa Rica Cartago, Costa Rica


January 2011

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    Can someone tell me local operator to make guide tours in Costa Rica?

    I run a non-profit volunteer organization and we sent a lot of people to the Arenal area. I always use a tour company called Desafio. They are always extremely safe, professional and fun. And they do lots of work in the community to give back. They recently won some sort of award from Trip Advisor. Something about being amongst the top 10 most fun adventure tours in the world. More info: over 9 years ago

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    Is it safe to travel to costa rica

    I've lived and worked (running a non-profit volunteer company) in Costa Rica for 8 years. Be careful in the bus stations and in San Jose. Use common sense - like you would anywhere. Don't leave belongings in your rental car. I've found it to be safer than most places I've been in the world. Here is an article from USA Today about the safety in Costa Rica: over 9 years ago