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April 2014

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    Myanmar - What do I need to know?

    Burma ie an UNBELIEVABLE country !!! It is fantastic! About the Visa on arrival, I suggest You to check to the embassy; I've been there some year ago and I had to get a visa outside of Burma. A great place to get a visa is Bangkok. It works better and easier than many other consulates of Burma in Europe, for instance. 1 or 2 years ago they finally even opened the land border from Thailand, so You can go there by car from-to Chiang Mai. A part the visa deal ... I suggest You to do not spend a lot of time in Yangon ... 2 days would be enough because the country is AMAZING, really ... In Yangon, I should visit DALAH ... just taking a ferry. is a good 1 day trip. I loved that! (and of course, visit Shwedagon) ... but then, move on ... Not to miss places? Hundreds! The Golden Rock, Amarapura, Bagan, the Inle Lake ... You would need 1 months at least ... They finally opened even the Mrauk tribe area, on the mountains ... Ask tour operators, really ... here I can not describe You all this amazing places ... About Weather ... Like all that places in that area, You have dry season and rain season ... February is a good period. But remember that it could be chilly if You go on the mountains so, take some jacket with You. Security and Limitation? Well ... It depends ... some area is still closed to visitors, but as every dictatorial country ... it is a very very safe place. At the time I've been there, stole a camera to a tourist was = 8 years in prison ... so, no, don't worry. It's a very safe country (unfortunately). Good luck everybody! Pietro over 6 years ago

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    Vietnam Itinerary - Any suggestions?

    Hi ^_^ Wow ... Vietnam is a country where ... well you would need months ... :D If You want, I suggest You to visit the mountains. If You take a bit of time, You can even go to Laos ... You go in the Oudomxay and MuangSing region, and if You want, Luang Prabang is a very nice city ... Just to see a bit Laos as well Good luck with Your trip. Pietro over 6 years ago

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    Day trip to Agrigento from palermo

    Yes, there are many buses from Palermo to Agrigento. But if You want to drive, that's the best option. And by the way, Palermo Agrigento is a pretty long way. A round trip will means that You will spend almost all day on the road. Maybe is better to go to Erice in 1 day, than back to Palermo. As well, You can go to Cefal├╣ and other small town on the hills, like Castelbuono, for instance. Of course You can go to Agrigento in 1 day, it is up to You. My tip, is to take some more day and visit other places to before to go back to Palermo. Good Luck! Pietro over 6 years ago