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August 2010

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    Hints for travelling to India?

    1. Eat the street food. It's India, you're going to get sick; get over it. 2. You only need a few hours in Agra to see the Taj. Don't bother staying the night. 3. Go to Varanasi and rent a boat to row you up and down the ghats. 4. Don't be afraid to push hard during a negotiation. Especially if in a tuk-tuk. 5. If you're in Calcutta and hanging out in the tourist area around Sudder St, ask around for Mogli and Rajesh and their trips to the Sunderband Tiger Reserve. If you find them, take the trip! 6. Only ever take 2nd class trains. First class is no where near as entertaining. 7. Train tickets can always be bought at the train station, no matter what anyone tells you. 8. Use the prepaid taxi booths, they save a lot of hassle. Almost every train station has one. 9. Know which hotel you are going to when you arrive and don't accept the drivers suggestion to stay at another. Or any story relating to your hotel being closed, burned down, etc. 10. Arrange an airport pickup. Most hotels will offer this service and the price is about right. 11. Realise that India is probably like no where else you've been. Embrace every element of that fact! over 10 years ago

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    How Much is the cheapest i can get away with for 2 weeks in China?

    China is cheap! Easily the cheapest place I've ever been. Although, that's if you head off the beaten track. You can generally get away with less than AU$10 per day for accommodation, food and travel if you're in a little town like Dao Cheng (zero tourists in that place). But it should only go up to about $20 in a the bigger cities such as Kunming, Chengdu and Xi'an. In terms of things to do, trekking across Leaping Tiger Gorge is amazing and comes complete with some stunning views. Try and get to Shangri-la. Every night at 7pm, the entire town congregates in the town square in their best tribal outfits and performs a dance that's been around for generations. Check out the panda breeding facility in Chengdu and see the terra-cotta warriors in Xi'an - do it the opposite way you're supposed to (you'll know what I mean if you get there). And, when it comes to eating, head for the dirtiest, most horrible looking restaurants. I assure you, there're the best places to eat in China! over 10 years ago

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    Are there boats from Oslo to Copehagen?

    I caught a train from Copenhagen to Oslo on a Eurail pass and you end up taking a ferry by default. The train actually drives onto the ferry and the ferry then sets sail to Norway. Whenever trains are involved the, it's worth referring to the site There are other ferries that run between the two countries. Route details can be found here Happy travels. about 10 years ago