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Campaign Marketing Manager at World Nomads, lucky enough to travel most of Western Europe while visiting family and friends. Enjoy fishing, beaches and other lazy activities.


December 2015

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    How do I join in Word Nomads

    Hi Kada, Hope you're well. Are you asking about joining our community or about purchasing travel insurance? Unfortunately we don't currently sell insurance in Algeria, so you won't find this in the drop-down menus on our site. That being said, if you just wanted to sign up for our newsletter or perhaps a travel scholarship you can still do this. If Algeria isn't shown in the form then just select somewhere in the same timezone. Any questions let me know, Pearse World Nomads over 2 years ago

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    Do I need proof of exit to enter Mexico?

    Hey Nat, As Doug says, you don't need proof of exit when you enter. I was there last September and he's got the process pretty well described. Cheers, Pearse over 3 years ago

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    I will commuting around Sydney, is the Opal Card available in the airport?

    Hi Wanderluster, From looking at the opal retailer site both the Domestic & International airports in Sydney have an opal card retailer. If you want to have a look yourself search 'Mascot' (airport suburb) on this site then look at the ones around the terminals; Otherwise I'm sure you can ask someone when you get there. Hope that helps! Pearse - World Nomads almost 5 years ago