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April 2009

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    Where's the best place in Norway to see the aurora borealis?

    Of course you can! Make an adventure out of it and rent a car for a week. Make sure you either have a gps or rent one with the car (expensive) as the darkness of winter will make it harder to navigate. There are a number of airports in the north that you can fly into from Oslo. An alternative is to fly into Northern Sweden (cheaper to rent car) and then do a round-trip of Sweden, Norway and Finland as they all feature aurora borealis. over 9 years ago

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    Oslo for 4 days

    Vigelands park is a good bet, also depending on the date you are going there, take one of the public transportation boats out to Bygdøy (they are small and yellow and leaves from in front of the city hall). The new opera is fairly close to the boats (and very close to Oslo train station) and something to include if you like architecture. There is good hiking in Nordmarka which has well defined routes and well suited for day trips (access by metro/subway). about 9 years ago

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    How much is the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes?

    Yup. Ole beat me to answering by 39 minutes :- ) Also, if you have a car, it is an additional NOK 525, or a little less than $100 (for a normal car). over 9 years ago