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February 2009

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    Is it possible to use a credit card without a chip in the UK and Europe?

    My credit cards do not have a chip and they do work in Europe. Never seen a place which required one. I know UK is different but I don't know how. almost 11 years ago

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    Best times to visit Berlin?

    Coming in may is the best time. It's my favorite month in Berlin. Everything is opening up and outdoors bars/parties are starting with the first real warm nights of the year. almost 12 years ago

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    How many days to visit Edinburgh?

    I have been there a couple of times. Make sure you have good weather ;-). 2 full days should be enough to see the main attractions. 3 might also work out ok. I had a fun time in some clubs there if you are into that. The old town is nice but I have never been to the castle. almost 12 years ago