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January 2013

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    We are planning a trip Jun/Jul 2013 from Rome, Pescara, Split, Zagreb, Venice back to Rome - 15 days, group 6 - any suggestions?

    We did a similar trip last year only longer. Zagreb is very disappointing and I agree, not that interesting. Zadar is amazing. Dubrovnik would be a better option that Split. I would use Split to go across to the island of Hvar (stunning). Beautiful Rome.... you could spend 5 days there and still not see enough - the same with Venice. We stayed in Verona and just loved it. The train into Venice is very quick and efficient. Worth it not to have to stay amongst the crowds that invade Venice. We spent 4 days in Pescara and again, loved it. Visit some of the historic towns like Scanno by bus. Beautiful beaches and wonderful food in Abruzzo..... almost 8 years ago