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    Anyone know if I can buy a PAYG microsim for my unlocked iPhone 4S in Mozambique?

    I'm probably late to answer, sorry, but either vodacom or mCel sim cards will allow you to use data on your Iphone - if it doesn't work immediately, just go to a store and they'll easily help you with the configuration. They're no microsim cards in Mozambique as of yet, but many local stores cut them for you - for sure the mobile shop at Polana Shopping can help you out. over 8 years ago

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    Backpacking in brazil during jan

    Brazil is too big a country for two months so choose your priorities and make peace that you will not be able to do everything! I disagree with both prior answers: since you are already going to be in Rio for carnival, skip south and south-east for the rest of the time. If you want superb beaches and a laid-back - although quite rustic - time, head north-east. Salvador, Natal, Recife and the beaches around them. You could also go to the Amazon, but it's time consuming and can get expensive. I wouldn't go to São Paulo unless you love urban life so much you want to spend your vacation partying indoors. The southern beaches are cool, but they get PACKED in jan and feb. Also, Brazil is not that dangerous if you use your common sense and be street smart: don't flash valuables around, don't walk alone at night, yadda yadda. Each region and city has it's must sees, so if you have more detailed ideas, it'll be easier to help you. Have a nice trip! over 8 years ago

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    From the port in Cape Town to Hotel Mandela, do I need a taxi ? Is it easy to hail a taxi?

    I'm not the best person to answer, since I have only been to Cape Town a couple of times, but since no one has answered, here goes what I think: You certainly can't walk all the way, specially if it's in the evening. I have always rented a car when in Cape Town and, as far as I know, it is the best way to get around town. Taxis are not that easy to hail on the street. You are better off asking in a restaurant or hotel for help in ringing one. You can also get a few cab services numbers at the information desk in the airport. Good luck! almost 8 years ago