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21 year old female planning a trip to New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia leaving April 2013!

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United Kingdom Worcester, United Kingdom


January 2013

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    Best places to visit in the UK? Any must-see spots in England?

    Standard is London if you're into big cities and touristy things to do, you'll find loads there! But Canterbury Cathedral is lovely, as in Canterbury itself, York is also beautiful but is right up the top of England! Where are you flying into? How long are you here for? almost 8 years ago

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    What are the cheaper international airports in England to fly into?

    Birmingham is the second biggest airport in the UK after the London airports and serves most international flights, like said above it depends what area you want to fly into? almost 8 years ago

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    Want to "Live Brit' for 6 mos. 2013!

    Have you left yet? I live in the midlands and there are loads of beautiful places around here to live or stay! Depending on budget, Worcester is a lovely city, as is Stratford-upon-Avon (home of Shakespeare.) Average living cost varies greatly depending on the area you are, there are loads of supermarkets for food (Asda, equivalent of Walmart) is generally cheap, if you want to eat out this varies again depending on area. Hiring a car is a good option if you're looking to move around alot. Major cities and some villages have train stations so this too could be an option - railcards are great if you're going to be using trains alot and generally offer some some good discounts! almost 8 years ago