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May 2009

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    Things to do on a stop-over through Hawaii

    4 hour lay-over mean you probably have 2 hours to spare in between flights once you get off and need to get back on. You will only be able to make a quick trip to downtown and back. You're best bet is to check out the USS Arizona - Pearl Harbor - just a quick drive away or bus ride (#62) away. A longer trip to Waikiki or Diamond Head will be a tight squeeze, and you'll probably only be able to be there for 15 minutes -- but you can take a quick pic and say you've been there. over 11 years ago

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    What are the best things to see in Taiwan?

    I lived in Taipei and Kaoshiung for 18 months. The north is much more sophisticated and fast-paced. But the central and south regions have more cheap food, night markets, and authentic feel to them. Taipei: Taipei 101 & Warner Village - high-end retail, movies, bookstores, etc. XiMenDing - west side of Taipei...the cool place to hang out, pedestrian area, shops, lots of movie theatres, great street food. ShiLin Night Market - I think this runs on Tuesdays and weekends. Its in North Taipei, look for the Mango XueHuabing -- mango snow-ice -- best thing you've ever eaten. Chiang-Kai-Shek memorial & National Museum - huge asian looking buildings. cool grounds. not much else. you can take the Taipei metro to all of these areas very easily. If you have more time: Honeymoon Bay - East coast - 2hrs by train from Taipei. Cool small surfing village. sand is not great though Taroko Gorge - you'll need to have a car, or a mix of train, bus & taxi. Pretty national park XiAn Mtn - highest peak in Taiwan. this is a 2-day trip. train to JiaYi, then up the mtn, or take a cab. wake up the next morning to see the 'cloud sea' with the peaks coming through. Chaozhou - in Pingdung county, nearby is an aboriginal park with replicas, dancing etc. Chaozhou city - look for 'cold hot ice' leng-re bing -- best thing in the world! KenTing - very southern tip of taiwan - nice beaches and night market over 11 years ago

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    Where is the most authentic mexican food?

    I've been to Anamia's. Great food -- I'm looking for a taco stand or burrito stand with tacos al pastor, cilantro, etc. over 11 years ago