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The newly introduced the NZ Travel Guide, specially created for Android phone users, provides travellers with a plethora of information and top points of interest about the two beautiful islands of New Zealand.

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June 2013

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    Insiders help for New Zealand needed ...

    Most of it has been answered already and I am too late i think. However, thought this might help someone else looking for information. here is some input from me. I get some good deals from and yazoom auckland. popular news site would be and nzherald. I like to travel and use some apps so as to help me out with the best attractions, places to stay, free places to visit etc. Here is the android link: Iphone store link: I would highly suggest to go to the free places as NZ has amazing natural beauty; the goodness of nature :) cheers! over 6 years ago

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    Whale and Dolphin watching.

    there are some companies who do a pretty good job. you take a cruise ride with them and they take you for dolphin watching. These are my favourite: Also, if you are coming to new zealand then you might wanna see some of NZ's natural goodness. I personally use some mobile apps to tell me places which are pretty cool places. They tell you places to do free activities, accommodation, eating joints nearby you and so much more. These apps are free to download and all the information they provide is for free. Winning! Here is the android link: Iphone link: Also, check out some one day deal websites like You might find some discount offers on these sites. if you are lucky, you might aswell get a discount ticket for whale and dolphin watching. Hope you enjoy your stay in NZ. over 6 years ago

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    Best places to travel in NZ? Can be anything from clubbing to country - Any suggestions?

    NZ has got the best of nature. I would highly suggest you to enjoy the natures goodness.I use a mobile app that tell me about the attractions, free activities, places to visit and so much more. You can check it out at: If you are an iphone User: Enjoy your stay :) Hope this helped! over 6 years ago