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Miles Jordan

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I am a DJ/Promoter dabbling in many different styles of dance music, and also work at the Australian Antarctic Division in as a software developer.

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Australia Hobart, Australia


February 2009

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    Does anyone know how to get here cheaply? is the place to look - but applications are only open for a few months of the year (as we can only get there during summer) until early February. The cheapest tourist voyages/flights by far depart Argentina to the antarctic Peninsula. There is also a fair bit of work over there on those vessels - at least eight of the companies that run them are owned by Australians too. Cheapest option (maybe not appealing to some people) - volunteer on the Sea Shepherd next whaling season! about 11 years ago

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    Where's a beautiful, quiet place to go in spain in July that is affordable and isn't overrun with tourists (ideally coastal)?

    San Sebastian tops my list. It's on the north coast near Bilbao and most definitely the most beautiful spot I found. Also has a massive beach with bars and cafes on it. The old part of the city is amazing and tourists tend to stick around Barcelona and Madrid a lot more than up there. It has a great mix of beach/city/mountains. almost 11 years ago