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    Moderately priced, vegetarian-friendly curry restaurants in Sydney?

    You should try Maya-Da-Dhaba on Cleveland Street in Surry Hills (there's also Maya sweets across the road and a load of other vege-friendly, reasonably priced curry places around there). The saag-paneer is particularly good! Nepalese Kitchen on Crown Street also does lovely Thali plates (you can pick any curry to go with it). The other obvious option is Govinda's - that is totally vegetarian (but you can also catch a movie there before/after dinner). Bon appetit! almost 11 years ago

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    1st time in Thailand for three weeks in Feburary What activities / Towns /Islands / Tours are best budget?

    I have to agree, Koh Phi Phi is over-rated, but I still went there twice in 2009 and had a ball!!! It's touristy, but you can still find pockets of serenity (so long as you don't go right during the Xmas-New Year break). We visited Trang Province which is definitely less touristy (ideal for camping etc), usually cheaper and practically empty (even during peak season). Koh Rok and Koh Ngai are worth checking out if you like snorkeling. If you like Thai food, it's worth doing a cooking course - especially one that takes you to the markets. Very insightful & delicious! But... beware any jungle tours that include elephant treks (unless you're travelling with kids). I think with Thailand it's about finding the right balance. Do a little adventure, a little pampering, a little budget and you can't go wrong! Bon Voyage! Mishy Ps. I've never been sick either but most of my friends have! Luckily, drugs are available over the counter, so if you do get sick, just head for the nearest Pharmacy! almost 11 years ago

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    Where can I find a beach in thailand not on phuket, small quaint

    I just got back from an amazing trip in Thailand. We stayed mostly in Koh Lanta (Klong Beach) which was lovely, quiet, with amazing food, and has easy access to snorkel spots/surrounding islands like Koh Ngai, Koh Rok, Koh Phi Phi. We stayed at the Lanta Sand Resort & Spa (which was a bit 'family friendly' but lovely all the same). There is loads of cheaper/more expensive accommodation, from camping, huts, to Pimalai Resort. Agoda.com had pretty good recommendations. If you are in Koh Lanta, be sure to check out Thai Cat, Funky Fish and Suza Hut for dinner (& order one of the sizzle plates). Same Same But Different is meant to be yummy too, though we never actually made it there! Koh Phi Phi is tonnes of fun, and amazingly beautiful, though I would only recommend it if you are staying on the quiet side of the Island, or at the Phi Phi Cabana (which has the most amazing pool right on the beach)! It can get a little crazy/dirty/smelly, but it is tonnes of fun! Further down south than Krabi, toward the Trang Province, is less touristy and the beaches are amazing. My friends were recently in Railay (Krabi). Whilst it is beautiful, they said it was busy and flooded with tourists, as was Koh Samui. Koh Tao is meant to be amazing for diving (though I haven't actually been there yet!). If you are 'stuck' in Phuket for a night (as we were) I would HIGHLY recommend staying at Burasari. It's a 'sanctuary' off the main drag at Patong and we were thoroughly impressed! We met a nice tour operator (sadly at the end of our trip) who offered us really good rates for our next Thailand trip. His name is Jay and I'm sure he'd be happy to provide you with more advice! (Jay - Yavavee Jarong ). Let me know if you have any other questions about Thailand or need any other contacts! Hope that helps :) Mishy Ps. We haven't uploaded our photos from this trip yet, but you can check out videos from our snorkeling escapades in Koh Rok, Koh Ngai etc here... http://vimeo.com/armyofdolls/videos and photos from our Thailand holiday in May here http://www.flickr.com/photos/armyofdolls/collections/72157621288242257/ almost 11 years ago

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    Looking for a quiet(ish) beach resort to stay at around New Year. Any suggestions?

    Thank you both for your replies! They are truly helpful :) We're now thinking of island hopping so we can get a bit of variety! Still a little worried about hitting the crazy crowds, but hopefully we'll be able to find some little hide-away places to retreat to if it gets too much! Thanks again for your replies. Happy holidays, Mishy almost 11 years ago

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    Must see vegetarian restaurants in Sydney?

    Here's my picks!! Top pick = Yulli's in Surry Hills - it's open late and has a great selection of tasty treats (and beers/wines!) http://yourrestaurants.com.au/guide/yullis/ Also try... - Govinda's in Darlinghurst (it's a movie/dinner combo) http://www.yourrestaurants.com.au/guide/govindas/ - Maya Sweets in Surry Hills - www.maya.net.au (it's within walking distance of Yulli's so you could have dinner @ Yuill's then sweets at Maya's). - Green Gourmet in Newtown has lovely food but it's a bit 'quiet' at night (they do Yum Cha too which is lovely) http://www.greengourmet.com.au/ Best of luck! Mishy ps. Bodhi is a really good choice too... and Badde Manners is lovely on a Saturday when Glebe markets is on (but it can be a bit busy/slow!). about 11 years ago

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    What is a good restaurant for dinner in the city or outskirts for a bday..?

    Also try Mahjong Room or Monkey Magic (both in Surry Hills). I've organised a few celebrations at both restaurants and they've always been really lovely nights. Happy Birthday! about 11 years ago

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    Good place to go Kayaking outside of Sydney?

    Totally agree re: Kangaroo Valley. We go every year! Check out http://www.kangaroovalleycanoes.com.au/services/sgt.html for canoe hire (waterproof barrels included). A few quick tips: - Start out early so you can paddle to the 'end point' of Tallawa Dam (it's much prettier!). - The camp sites are a bit small, so stick to 2-3 man tents (you can usually fit about 8-10 people in the larger spots. - It's good to take 1-2 single canoes for scouting around (they're a lot faster!). - There's no tide (it's a Dam!), but if it's been raining and the water levels are high, it's harder to find decent camping ground. - Watch out for the goats and goannas (both of which will steal your food!). Enjoy!! about 11 years ago

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    In LA overnight and thinking of going down to Venice Beach Any recommendations on a restaurant with great food atmosphere?

    http://www.lacabanavenice.com is worth a look! A little tacky, but fun and friendly, great cocktails and good mexican food. Ask to sit in the courtyard (there's some interesting artwork on the walls) :) about 11 years ago