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February 2009

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    What is the biggest sandwich in Sydney?

    I contend that there is in fact bigger sandwiches than Little Vienna and "Big Sandwich". It's tucked down an alley, and the queues are long, but the ingredients are fresh and the sandwiches are dangerously large. I believe the place is called "via Abercrombie", and it's on Abercrombie lane, near Bond st. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=via+Abercrombie,+Sydney&sll=-33.906896,150.930176&sspn=5.633709,10.38208&ie=UTF8&hq=via+Abercrombie,&hnear=Sydney+NSW&ll=-33.86377,151.207795&spn=0.011011,0.020278&z=16&iwloc=A almost 11 years ago

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    Where is the best place for EPIC RIBS in SYD

    Sadly, there is only one place for truly epic ribs in Sydney. Hurricanes http://www.hurricanesgrill.com.au/ I've been on an ongoing search for ribs and other Southern US food in sydney over the past year, leading mostly to disappointment. Hurricanes: Epic serving size of pork babyback ribs, sauce is good and sometimes great, meat is usually tender but is not smoked (sadly). Good value for money given we're in Sydney and the generous serving size. Tony Romas: Smallish serving size, can usually do babybacks or St Louis style spare ribs. The sauces are a bit too overpowering, and there's nothing remarkable about the meat. Value for money is pretty mediocre. Mid $30s for the ribs. South Restaurant: Serves abysmal food. The cooks don't understand the process of cooking ribs, doing things like leaving the membrane on the underside of the rack, so while the meat falls of the bone, it sticks to the membrane, less than pleasent. Sauce is mediocre, and the meat isn't smoked either. Their buffalo wings/coleslaw/pulled pork sandwich/tacoes are also of a similar nature. All 3 options cost around mid $30s, but the difference in what you get is huge. Hurricanes all the way. If you don't want to go to the effort of cooking them yourself, Hurricanes is the only answer. I've resorted to going to hurricanes when I'm lazy, and cooking them myself when I'm not (though you'll need a bottle of Big Dan's BBQ sauce http://www.bigdansbbq.com/ and a smoker of some kind). over 10 years ago

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    Where to go for good sushi in the Hobart CBD?

    Once upon a time I would have always said Takagi ... but then they grew to be relatively inconsistent (crunchy rice etc.) Sush is ok and consistent, but a little bland. Sakura is decent and cheapish, and relatively consistent (though I've the occasional piece of Tuna that might have been a bit old). I'd vote Sakura overall though. But I wouldn't say I know of a 'good' and 'consistent' sushi place in the CBD these days. almost 11 years ago