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    Where is the best place to look for a share house in Vancouver

    Hands down your best source for looking for somewhere in Vancouver will be More specifically, bookmark yourself this link: As far as places to look for, "Kits Beach (Kitsilano)" is always popular with Aussies, as is the "West End" and throughout the Downtown core. You will, of course, save money if you look outside the downtown area, so there are decent opportunities along the Skytrain line heading out towards Burnaby (next major suburb eastwards). As always with public listing websites, make sure you thoroughly research anything you find on Craigslist to make sure that you are certain it is legit. Best of luck! You're going to love it in Vancouver - there's a reason it consistently ranks as one of the most liveable cities in the world. I went for 12 months, stayed for 7 years! over 9 years ago

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    Where are some fun places to go on weeknights?

    Make the effort to seek out a fantastic bar tucked away down a back alleyway off Moray Place called "Pequeño". I had a brilliant time there earlier this year and would highly recommend it as an alternative to some of the more commercial, lame spots on the "Octagon". over 9 years ago

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    Where can I find some good Sushi in downtown Vancouver?

    The question is probably more like "where CAN'T I find Sushi in downtown Vancouver?"!! There's tonnes of places you can try, but if "Downtown" is what you need then you best head off along Robson Street where you will find places like "Gyoza King" (recommend), "Tsunami Sushi" or "Guu Sushi". If you're a true sushi connoisseur, however, you'll want to leave the Downtown core, head over the Granville Street Bridge and head along West Broadway to "Tojo's". over 9 years ago