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I'm planning a 5 month trip to South America. Starting in Ecuador, then Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Any tips would be very much appreciated!

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March 2010

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    Tips on Ecuador for 2-3 weeks making our way down to Peru!

    Hey, Thanks for your response it's been helpful! Unfortunatley there's no way we can afford the Galapogos. I've read about Otovalo maket and it sounds great but really we wanted to head south, although we could go there on a day trip from Quito? Is that possible? Do you know long would it take? I'm trying to make a decision about the Quilota loop. The reason we were thinking of heading to the coast is because we'll probably be doing a lot of trecking in Peru. But the Quilota loop is highly recommended so I'm not sure. Anymore info on this would be much appreciated. Did you have a guide? I quite like the idea of horse back actually. How long did it take you? I read somewhere that you can do it in a long day by public transport but I'm guessing this wouldn't be the same experience. There's a nice eco lodge I've seen in Banos so we might stop there for a couple of days. I'm glad you mentioned Vilcabamba cos I've read a few good reviews about this place. I was thinking it might be silly to go that far down but if you say we could get a bus into Peru from there then maybe it would be worth a visit. Roughly how long does it take to get to Peru from there? Lots of questions!! Thanks very much for your time, there's just so much to research! Martine over 10 years ago

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    How easy is it to fly from Foz do Iguazu to North Brazil, Fortazella? In August

    Thanks for your reply, great to hear from someone in Brazil! how far in advance would you recomend? We will want to fly around mid August time but didn't really want to be tied to a date until we know how long our stay Bolivia will be. Do you think booking a couple of weeks in advance would be enough? over 10 years ago

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    Any tips on places to see inNorth Peru?

    Hi, thanks for your reply. We are hoping to go to the amazon when we're in south Peru after the inca trail cos my boyfriend is meeting us there. I'll definetley bear Mancora in mind as we'll be entering Peru from Ecuador. I had a quick look on google and it looks like a nice place to stop for a few days. Cheers! over 10 years ago