Marc Brunet-Watson

Marc Brunet-Watson

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    What is the nicest beach to visit close to the city?

    My fave beach is Mulallo which is about 20 minutes drive from cbd. Clean, safe, good waves and not as crowded as other beaches. almost 12 years ago

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    Good Honeymoon places?

    I'm guessing you are asking about French Polynesia given the heading... Bora Bora is VERY expensive and very much overdone... If you are looking for something just as beautiful, cheaper, more... authentic and remote then look at some of the outer islands. We spent some time in the Tuamotu islands and fell in love with Fakarava. It's an atoll which has a wonderful lagoon and decent accomodation. There is a resort on the atoll but there are also a few very good pensions. We stayed in a coral floored hut with the lagoon waters lapping at the back door. We stayed at the pension Paparara: which has now teamed up with the dive group we went out with when we were there. Great place run by great people. This place looks pretty cool too... Anyways, that's what I think!!! almost 12 years ago