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July 2011

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    Where can I-purchase some good cigars

    In Sydney you should try Sol Levy Tobacconist Extraordinaire: over 9 years ago

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    Does anyone have any broad information on travelling to Poland. I am interested in exploring the post communist era and contemporary life.

    As an Australian born Pole visiting family, my cousin showed me many places such as Wroclaw, Katowice, the salt mines of Wielicza (incredible...), Zgorzelec, the Owl Mountains & Krakow. He also dropped me off on the "Communism Tour" in Krakow, which was both Kitsch and actually really educational. Nova Huta was Stalin's showcase city just outside of Krakow. Don't forget to read Norman Davies books on Poland to compliment travel books, these provided strong context to the people and country. The villages along the Czech border were very enjoyable also. over 9 years ago

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    Is the Crazy Guides Communism Tour in Krakow worth doing?

    Yes. This was madcap, but actually really educational. Victor was my host and the tour is really top notch. Whilst kitsch, it details many idealogical insanities with photos, locations and explanations: propaganda, news items, time capsule locations and overview of the Solidarity movement in the 80's. over 9 years ago