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Kristine Fleming

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I'm back in Toronto, but looking out for my next adventure!
Maybe South America??

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Canada Toronto, Canada


May 2009

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    Good hostel areas in Montreal?

    Anything along the Rue Saint Catherine. That is one of the mail strips and you can either walk or catch the metro from there. over 11 years ago

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    Best time to visit Montreal?

    I guess it also depends on what you like. Winter has a lot to offer if you like snow. But if you like snow, I would suggest going to Quebec city before Montreal. They have wonderful snow festivals. this is their tourism site. This will have all the important dates you need. over 11 years ago

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    About to go to Granada for a week

    Alhambra is the big attraction in Granada but you might also want to ask around for the Gypsy Flamenco dancing that you do inside a cave on the side of the mountain. "Cueva de la Rocio" was the place that I went to. It was awesome. They serve you a drink while you are there (included in the ticket price). I think we paid 20 euros. Then we took a walk through the town at night time and saw the Alhambra from a look out point lit up at night. It was just beautiful. over 11 years ago