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Product Marketing Manger for WorldNomads.com, adventure seeking traveller, passionate skier, hiker, scuba diver and wannabe-more-technically-competent mountain biker.

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Australia Sydney, Australia




June 2009

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    Would I get charged by customs if I bought a new projector into Australia?

    From memory when I arrived back into AUS last week through customs, you have to declare items valued over $AUD1000 which have been purchased overseas. You run the risk of getting caught and perhaps fined if you don't declare it so it really depends on how much you value the item, and if you declare it in the first place. about 10 years ago

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    Which days are shops open for late night shopping?

    Thursday night to 9pm in the city and suburbs and some shops do stay open late on other nights of the week eg. to 7pm Friday night over 11 years ago

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    Cancelation due to volcanic activity?

    Hi, Katrina from WorldNomads.com here. Here is our advice relating to coverage due to natural disasters, which includes volcanoes: http://journals.worldnomads.com/safetyhub/story/76353/Worldwide/Natural-Disasters-Advice-for-World-Nomads-policy-holders We may not specifically talk about volcanoes in our policy wording, but this doesn't specifically mean there is no cover. Generally, you wont get cover for a natural disaster if you know it's happening or its been well documented in the media. It also depends on your personal circumstances, and the type of travel insurance policy you buy, as not all policies cover cancellation, trip interruption or delay for non-medical reasons, let alone for natural disasters. All of our travel insurance policies are different, and depend on your country of residence, so it's very important to read the policy wording carefully, particularly the parts on "general exclusions" or what we wont cover. Also look carefully at the terms of cover for cancellation, trip interruption or delay, as generally, natural disasters may not covered as a cancellation or trip interruption reason (again, it depends on your country of residence) One of the most important things to consider with any travel insurance policy and natural disasters, is that cover can also depend also on the timing of the natural disaster and your trip. For example: if you knew about the volcano (eg. as it's been erupting for a while and it was in the news or it regularly erupts) and you choose to take a trip to that place or to buy a flight which may be affected by the ash cloud, then it's unlikely you'll be covered for cancellation expenses or disruption of your trip. If you're accidentally caught up in a volcanic eruption and need emergency medical attention, then it's very likely you'll be covered for the overseas medical expenses. Hope that helps to clarify. Safe travels, about 9 years ago