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February 2009

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    Best barbecue food in California?

    Head to "Oaktown" aka Oakland, CA: http://www.yelp.com/biz/everett-and-jones-barbeque-oakland-4 Serious BBQ in that city. Across the Bay in San Francisco, Brother-in-Law's on Divisadero: http://www.yelp.com/biz/brother-in-laws-bar-b-que-san-francisco (This place also goes by the name "Lilly's" from time to time -- they just put duct tape over the B-I-L's sign and write "Lilly's" on it. Two tables inside, mostly take away. You can get it to go and walk a few blocks and eat at nearby Alamo Square Park). about 10 years ago

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    What happens in San Francisco on 4th of July?

    Nothing happens in SF on 4th of July. Well, there are fireworks at the Wharf, and one of the best places to "see" them and not get caught up in a crowd is from the top of Nob Hill, at Mason and Sacramento, about 9 pm. The city is usually fogged in, so what you see are some cool green and red blurs -- always enhanced by a stop on Haight St. earlier in the day ; - ) Lots of locals leave the city for warmer places over the 3- or 4-day weekend. But that's good news because you can get into just about any restaurant. Bars with outdoor areas might be doing FREE BBQs with discounted drinks. All the shops, clubs, cafes, etc. are OPEN. Union Square and the Wharf will be hyper-touristy, but other places like Golden Gate Park and the Mission will be chill. It's one of my favorite times to not leave the city -- and I've lived here for 18 years! almost 11 years ago

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    Does SF still have the hippy vibe? Say if I want to see Jefferson Airplane-style bands, where would I go?

    Hippie vibe alive and well in the Haight (Haight & Ashbury). Check the telephone poles for flyers of bands playing in the area or pick up a FREE SF Bay Guardian weekly paper. The Independent at 628 Divisadero St. (near the Haight) has a range of bands Tues thru Sundays. Tix usually about $15 - $18. Also, Amoeba Music at the end of Haight St. near Golden Gate Park. Sometimes has FREE concerts -- but most of all check out the huge stock of used CDs & vinyl. almost 11 years ago