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February 2009

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    I am heading to Portugal in April... Where are the best places to visit?...

    I loved everywhere I went in Portugal. You have to go to Lagos, there are these HUGE cliffs that are right on the beach and it is so beautiful. Another beach in the south that is not toursity (because Lagos is a little) is Faro. It was such a relaxed atmosphere. Another amazing place that I would highly recommend is Oporto. It is so beautiful and there is a lot to see. Check out the river area for a day but spend the rest of your time out in the less touristy area near the college area. I met and partied with the coolest local. There is this bar that has a hostel on to of it and that's where we stayed and we had a great time! Everyone was so friendly and if you can speak spanish, they can understand you. Lisboa was also soo much fun but in a completely different way. Only go to Lisboa if you enjoy the city life. over 11 years ago

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    I want to travel between Spain and Portugal, what are the best places to go to on a budget and the best way to travel (plane or train)?

    Hey girl!! I definitely know the answer to your question ;) Check ryan air and other budget flights like that because you never know what you will find before ever buying a bus ticket but usually i found myself traveling by BUS not train or plane. Everyone uses buses there, they are usually the cheapest option for trips that arent too far (which many aren't) over 11 years ago

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    I'm going to be in Madrid all summer... Where are the best places to go out on a budget?

    Go and botellon! Literally it means "drinking in the streets" it's so much fun, they do it all night and it's cheap! I can't remember the name of the streets that it happened on... possibly in La Magdalina or something like that, just ask the locals where they botellon and be prepared to party all night! over 11 years ago