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June 2017

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    How do i travel to mumbai

    Travelling to Mumbai from anywhere in India is not a much big deal at all. Just get on a train; as it is one of the prestigious cities of India, the rail network is full-fledged to and from Mumbai. If a person can spend some more, just get on a flight and land on the 'Aamchi' Mumbai. Now, roaming around in Mumbai can be done through cabs and the local trains. Local train network of Mumbai is much larger than the Metro network in Delhi. Just spend Rs. 5 to 15 for local tickets, and reach wherever you want in the city. Warning!! There is a lot of crowd at the dawn time generally in Mumbai becoz of the office timings, but you will used to in few days. Cover the market areas, sea link and the whole essence of Mumbai at Marine Drive. Happy Travelling!!! over 3 years ago