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    I've heard Melbourne ticket inspectors make traveling on the trains unpleasant for tourists, is this true?

    It really does depend on the inspector, most are fine and don't 'seem' to want to book tourists. Living in St Kilda, I get to see lots of tourists and I use the tram to get into town 2-3 times a week. I've actually seen a couple of inspectors help tourists with purchasing a ticket on the trams before. If you honestly forget to grab a ticket or can't figure out how, asking for their help is not a bad idea. As Jack says above, locals will help if you have any issues. One small trick to keep in mind.....purchase a 2-hour ticket on the tram after 6:00pm, it will actually be valid for the rest of the night. over 11 years ago

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    Am in Hawaii for 11 days - where should I go?

    The big waves are in December so you may not see any waves when you are there. If there's no surf, the botanical gardens near Waimea Bay have lots of exotic stuff. Snorkelling at Hanauma Bay is great for seeing to tropical fish of all sizes. This bay is what's left of an old volcano. A couple of day in Maui is always good. If you do go there, try the drive from Kahului to Hana, the road is awesome and has fantastic views. Keep in mind that there's no point stopping at every waterfall to take photos...there seem to be hundreds of them, and you may get waterfalled-out. Oh and if the season is right, you MUST go on a whale-watching cruise. The Hawaiian Islands appear to be the breeding grounds for some species and you can see them from the beasches. A day trip to the volcanoes on 'the big island' is an interesting experience that should not be missed if you are that close. If you elect to walk to the actual flowing lava though, take good hiking shoes, lots of water and a hat. over 11 years ago

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    Favorite restaurants in Surry Hills?

    Just got back from Sydney. Went to a few places in Surrey Hills whilst there. Red Lantern was fantastic. Been there twice before, never been disappointed. Pizza e Birra is always good. If you want cheaper pizza try Wood and Stone Wood fired Pizza. And Erciyes was great. over 11 years ago