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    What sort of interaction is a women allowed with Buddhist monks?

    In regard to talking, it really depends on the monk, and what kind of precepts (vows) they have taken. At worst, you will get one who has taken a vow of silence...and you won't get an answer back! Do not be afraid to approach a monk to talk to them - you wont be violating any of their precepts - only a monk is able to violate their vows with their own actions. In regard to touching, it is true that some of them are forbidden to touch women - so do not be too alarmed if a monk is a little wary of you physically - they just want to remain true to their vows. But don't be too afraid to approach them to talk. about 10 years ago

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    What is the best travel destination this 2016?

    Vietnam is a killer destination. It's very popular, but it's popular for a reason. Astonishing landscape, fascinating background and history and some of the nicest people in the world. You can be in the thick of the sweltering heat and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City and be in the cool, relaxing majesty of Halong Bay in the matter of two days. Internal flights are ridiculously cheap, as well as the unbelievably good food and very well priced accomodation. It has everything. almost 5 years ago

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    How safe is Lima at night?

    Hi Harry, Lima is just as safe as any other major city in the world at night. Which means, if you don't have your wits about you, it isn't safe. If you do, it is. (Relatively speaking) Peru relies quite heavily on tourism, so more systems have been put in place by authorities to make sure visitors to the country are not disturbed. There is a heavy police presence in Lima, including placement of plain clothed police officers - especially in areas visited by tourists. So in some respects, for a visitor, Lima is safer than major cities in the west. Although as a general rule, the more precautions you take, the safer you will be. Bus rides at night are generally considered to be fairly safe - but take precautions. Keep your luggage close to you and keep an eye out for pickpockets. Try to travel in taxis that are located in established areas like airports and hotels. Avoid taxis that cannot provide official identification. The biggest problem you will face is deceptive gentlemen (and ladies) who will try to distract you in some way to make off with your wallet. So, if you find someone trying to get your attention, be cautious. And don't flash any valuables or highly branded clothing items - it's essentially screaming "I have a stack of cash come and rob me". Don't carry a lot of money on you, and if you do get robbed - simply give the thief what they want and chalk it up to a travel experience. almost 10 years ago