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Bay Area native. Recent grad. Determining my career path in social media. Love: Photography. Snowboarding. Wakeboarding. Cycling. Outdoors. Travel.

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United States San Francisco, United States


December 2009

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    Good walks from Manly beach?

    The Manly Scenic Walkway goes from the ferry terminal to the Spit Bridge. It takes several hours and is really nice. At times you feel like you are in the bush and no one is around you, then you turn a corner and see the Sydney skyline. Goes along the coast line wit views of the ocean and the bay. It gets a little tricky at the end near some small beaches, so make sure you follow the signs and it is still daylight. We ended up in someone's backyard but were lucky enough to get a ride to the bus stop from a local. Well worth it! Check this for more info - almost 11 years ago

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    Where is the number 1 place to go in the US for about a week - anywhere, but more scenery orientated?

    I would go with San Francisco Bay Area as well - partially because I'm from there. But @Scott is right, there is so much to do with in a 4 hour driving radius - beach, snow, lakes, rivers, desert, forest... And if you don't have a car you can still see a lot by taking ferries or BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). What time of year are you going? That makes a big difference for a lot of places. almost 11 years ago

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    Which is the best boat tour of the napali coast?

    I did a Zodiac tour out in the water which was amazing. It is a bit bumpy, but you see the whole coast from the ocean. With the small boat, you can go in caves, the dolphins come right up next to you, and you get to snorkel as well. Highly recommended. over 9 years ago