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Jordan Watson

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    What is the best family resort (and hotel) in Fiji?

    When I went I stayed at the Outrigger Reef I liked it. I went with my whole family and we all were pretty entertained. over 9 years ago

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    What are some things to see in Buenos Aires?

    You definitely need to stay in the downtown area because you can walk everywhere. On Thursdays the mothers of the disappeared still do their walk in the afternoons, and this is an amazing political (safe) thing to see. They march with their signs of the children they lost from the Dirty War and it is in front of the Pink House. Around there you can see churches and old buildings. Definitely see the Tango show, especially in the local halls for true Tango. The touristic shows do a lot of acrobats and its not as sensual. over 10 years ago

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    Does anyone know how to get here cheaply?

    New Zealand has tours going down there and I know flights to New Zealand's south island are rather cheap. You can do a quick few hour trip easily, but staying, you def have to be working there. over 10 years ago

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    Is Central America safe to travel through?

    Recently there have been a lot of controversies within Belize and Honduras. I have spoken to people from Honduras and they said with the government, they wouldn't travel right now. Belize is find in the tourist areas, but you don't want to travel to far away. If your Spanish is good, then you are a bit better off. I wouldn't travel between the countries, except by plane, which is pricier. over 10 years ago

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    How can I go to Vegas on a budget?

    You can always check and expedia, also sign up for bookingbuddy and you can find airfare and hotel together for $200 total sometimes. The monorail is cheap to use if you stay outside, but if you stay on the strip, you can walk everywhere. If you want to do shows, there are preshow websites that all you have to do is print out a pass and you can get to the front of the line of the lower ticket prices all over Vegas. Play slots and you get free drinks, play pennies and you when a few dollars, but you spend very little. over 10 years ago