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    Which South African Safari lodge would you recommend?

    We travelled to Kruger in 2006. We spent two nights in a private game lodge (would not necessarily recommend this one) and then hired a car and drove through Kruger Nat. Park and stayed at the Rest Camps. There are a number of Rest Camps through the park which vary in standard - some are really great - some are ok - but the best thing about them is the cost - just a fraction of the nightly rate of a private lodge. Some camps are quite large with several restaurants, car wash, shops, grocers etc. You can go on private game drives with drivers you hire at he park. We went with drivers from Thompsons who were good. The drivers all have two way radios so they can tell each other where there is a pride of lions that day or where there are leopards etc. The rest of the time we just did our own thing in our car - roads good and well signposted. I can't give you figures unfortunately as our travel agent invoice has bundled the figures into accommodation, flights etc. We booked through African Wildlife Safaris in Melbourne who are fantastic - really know their stuff - highly recommend. Have you considered extending the trip to travel into Swaziland? Its about 1 and a half hours drive from the Berg-en-dal Rest Camp at the bottom of Kruger. Its an easy drive. We stayed at a lovely place called Phophonyane Lodge & Nature Reserve. Its in an elevated position with lovely views and nature reserve below. They have nice two story cottages which are full of character. They were building behive huts with bathrooms attached when we were there so they would be up and running now. The lodge is 14 km north of Piggs Peak where the casino is. We then travelled to Mililwane Wildlife Sanctuary - this is very basic but because it doesn't have any cats/predators you can walk or ride a bike around the sanctuary- just a different experience. You will find Swaziland very poor and third world though. Go online and look up Kruger National Park's official site to find Rest Camps. over 11 years ago