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My name is Zay, im 28, love travel and want to explore world ob my own pace, I've been already to all places in middle-east like Iran, syria, turkey, lebanon, jordan, Iran and all south east of asia

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Australia Melbourne, Australia


June 2010

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    Any recommendations for travelling in Iran?

    the best Places and must see places in iran are: 1) Tehran as Only Capital 2) Shiraz and Persepolis 3) Kerman and Mahan, Bam, Rayen 4) Yazd and Desert 5) Esfahan, Must Beautiful and awesome places in iran But if you are lookin for adventure Activities such as Desert tours and cameling, tour sot kish island, nomadic tour, tour to abyane, north of iran, holy tours and more Just take a look at the sample tours of this Company ( ). over 10 years ago

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    How do I get from the Iran border at Maku?

    the best ways is: from gorbulak border(turkish side) to Bazargan Border(Iranian Side), after crossing the border you will reach to city of bazargan which is stick to the border, you may take a SHARE taxi (No bus is there) to Maku and its pretty cheap and its cost you 1500 Toman(1.5 us $ about 20 K.m), after maku go to Maku bus stations and take but to Tabriz and Uromiye Or wherever you wish Enjoy Iran and more at over 10 years ago

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    How can I get to Kish Island from Tehran?

    you have 3 way to get to Kish Island from Tehran 1) Via plain 2) take a Isfahan(every night 23:55 from tehran) and then from isfahan with Bus to Bandar-e Abaas and then via bandare-Abass with Ferry to Kish Island 3) Directly from tehran via Bus to Bandar-e Abaas and then take a ferry to Kish Island for detailed tours to Kish please visit over 10 years ago