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Hana Dignan

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I work as a teacher of language and culture, studying second language teaching by distance from New Zealand, while I live in China. I love to travel, but style of travel varies to most, I love learning more about a culture, and history of the people and places I visit.

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New Zealand New Zealand


May 2011

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    how much would it cost to backpack in cambodia for one month?

    I was in Cambodia for only 2 weeks, we stayed in dorms, the cheapest we could find, and went to some tourist sites, like in Siem Reap; Angkor Wat. I budget around $20 US per day spending, and around $6 US for each night sleep, this is plenty for food and bed. For travel within the country, usually between each place you can find out prior to going roughly the cost, for example, from Phnom Pen to Siem Reap cost me about $10US I think. Entrance to tourist attractions is a bit more (Angor Wat=around $60US for 3days+tuktuk/tour guide) I would say you will be find with under 1500US but that is budget travel :) over 9 years ago

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    2 weeks in China - is there anything i've missed?

    I highly recommend you stay in the south for this trip, go back for Shanghai/Beijing and other great places another trip. Spend more time in Sichuan province- far north and far west (very tibetan). Dont miss Yunnan province (my favourite province in all China) Dali, LiJiang and ShangriLa - beautiful side of ancient China, and great attractions (tiger leaping gorge). Because China is SO big I think it is a good idea to reduce the distance you travel so you can see more! over 9 years ago

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    I'm looking to head to Thailand for 3 weeks, end of august through to sept. What's the best things to do.

    North East is my pick for sure! Chiang Rai, I got truly stuck there for weeks, lax small place, easy to blend with locals at the Peace house (bar), awesome people and cool as things to do nearby : Black House blew my mind, and White temple is very cool too! Pai is really rated highly by many, its pretty sweet if you like riverside and bungalow living. The islands can be reeeeally touristy, starbucks etc so very tailored and expensive in comparison, but a fun party with other tourists if youre into that! over 9 years ago