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October 2009

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    Heading to Tasmania for my honeymoon, any ideas of what to do and look at while there?

    Cradle mountain lodge would probably be the top of my list: about 10 years ago

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    Where can get bubble tea in Hobart?

    MoMo Bubble tea house and Cafe is the best place in Hobart. Located near the corner of Murray and Liverpool St. Formerly known as the Short Black Cafe pictured in this street view picture: They have a massive number of flavours, styles, jellies and pearls. My favourite is a blueberry with black milky tea and coconut jelly. over 10 years ago

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    Are there prepaid data SIMs an international traveler could easily buy when visiting the U.S?

    I was able to get a data and mobile plan from T-Mobile, no special arrangements were needed. Staff at Boulders T-Mobile store were very helpful, $59 no contract sim with unlimited data. On an iPhone it runs at Edge speeds only but I can live with that. My researched turned up , they provide AT&T 3G 30 day prepaid sims for $129, I decided against that idea because of the price and the 100mb quota on AT&T. over 10 years ago