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Technology journalist and super-frequent traveller, with bi-annual stints to Europe. I don't drive and I'm cheap, so public transport's a speciality.

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Australia Sydney, Australia


May 2009

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    what is the cheapest way to see london by bus and train is a pass advisable

    The Oyster also works on regular London red buses (the vast majority of which are double-deckers in the city), and the same upper daily limits applies across both tube and bus. The tourist buses are pricier, and while oriented towards popular destinations, it's not hard to get around using the normal ones. about 11 years ago

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    I've heard Melbourne ticket inspectors make traveling on the trains unpleasant for tourists, is this true?

    Over dozens of visits (and heaps of train trips), I've never had a problem with Melbourne inspectors. In fact, on the regular suburban trains I've hardly ever seen them. They're rather more visible on the trams, but then they need to be -- there's a segment of Melbourne residents who you can see racing to validate their tickets as soon as an inspector gets on board . . . And as everyone says, no drama if you get a ticket, and the system's not very complicated. A 2-Zone Daily (which costs about $10) will let you go pretty much anywhere on the city trains, buses and and trams. about 11 years ago